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Learn about the history, traditions and different layouts of the tarot and practice reading in different ways with Eldritch Forest.

If you have a tarot deck, bring it along. Otherwise you can purchase the one of the decks Eldritch and his wife Jade created for $80 (normally $100). If you are learning to read a deck of non-tarot fortune cards, the course may still be helpful as he will go into a fair bit of depth on how to generate the story from cards.

Wk 1 traditions and ethics of tarot and story telling
Wk 2 minor arcana numbered cards
Wk 3 minor arcana face cards
Wk 4 major arcana
Wk 5 card spreads
Wk 6 finer points of reading

Dates: Thursdays November 15th – December 20th
Times: 6-8pm
Location: Marrar Woorn Neighbourhood House
Cost: $160

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About the tutor: Eldritch Forest has been reading and studying tarot for 34 years, and has taught 5 sets of classes in reading tarot. He spends a lot of time studying runes, and has taught rune carving and painting workshops at Muses of Mystery, in Melbourne.