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If you are looking for an outlet for your creativity, jewellery making can offer a rewarding choice. Creating a sterling silver ring is a great introduction to the joys of working with metal.

This workshop aims to provide a practical beginners approach to jewellery making. Participants will attend a workshop to learn how to craft in sterling silver and will be introduced to the following jewellery making techniques.

– Ring sizing and how to custom fit a ring.
– How to create an individual design for a ring.
– How to cut metal using a professional Jewellers saw.
– How to texture and stamp metal using a hammer or metal stamp.
– Soldering and annealing techniques using a jewellers torch.
– Finishing and polishing a completed piece.

Included in the workshop:
-All base metal sheet and wire needed to create your ring.
-All tools and equipment needed to construct your ring.

The workshop has been capped at six participants in order to provide a relaxed and attentive setting in which participants will be introduced to the joy of working with metal to create jewellery.

No previous experience is necessary, but participants will need –
-Covered shoes (no open toes or thongs)
-Sensible clothing for a metal workshop environment. (Fitted clothing with no loose sleeves is best option.)
-All long hair must be tied back. 
– No loose jewellery, especially bangles or necklaces.
– An apron of some sort, if desired.

Part of the workshop will involve the use of a high speed polishing wheel and a jewellers gas torch, which is used to heat metal to very high temperatures. It is requested that participants please exercise a high level of care in regards to their personal safety when using this apparatus and attend the workshop dressed in an appropriate manner.

The workshop will include a 30 min break.

Jewellery making can be an immensely satisfying and rewarding craft. This initial workshop has been designed for the novice to-
– Understand the techniques involved in ring making.
– Understand how to blend personal creative approaches and the practical skills of ring making.
– To leave the workshop with a completed ring that they have crafted and made themselves from scratch.

About the presenter: Rachel Grose, a Ballarat artist with degrees in Gold and Silversmithing from Monash University. Rachel has spent 17 years creating unique and custom Jewellery pieces for clients across Australia and her work is currently on show at Castlemaine Art Gallery, The Convent Gallery Daylesford, The Warrnambool Art Gallery and The Ballarat Fine Art Gallery.

Saturday 25th May
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Sunday 26th May
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