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A social group for those looking to maintain a healthy mind while caring for someone. Caring for someone can be challenging and joining a carer group is a great opportunity to connect with others and also an effective way to find social support, share information and even get some time for yourself.

Caring Connections is a relaxed social group that meets monthly at different locations in the Apollo Bay area. Join us to connect with others with similar experiences as we visit cafes, or go on outings and enjoy the beauty of the Otways.

Who are carers?
Carers give comfort, encouragement and reassurance to the person they care for, oversee their health and wellbeing, monitor their safety and help them stay as independent as possible. Carers come from all walks of life, all cultures and all religions. Some are still young while others are nearing 90. They may be spouses, parents, sons or daughters, siblings, friends, nieces or nephews or neighbours.

Every care situation is different and people become carers in different ways. Some carers provide 24 hour nursing aid to a family member with high care needs. Others care for people who are fairly independent but may need someone to keep an eye on them or help with them with tasks like banking, transport, shopping and housework.

First meeting at Hello Coffee in Apollo Bay on Thursday 18th October at 2pm.
Please RSVP to Marrar Woorn Neighbourhood House on 5237 8590 or email coordinator@mwnh.org

Contact your care providers at Otway Health to enquire about services if you need respite for the person you care for in order for you to attend this group.