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Ready2Go is a program that helps the more isolated people in our community stay safe on high fire danger days and extreme weather events.This program is delivered by ECHO Youth & Family Services, is supported by Emergency Management Victoria and was developed in response to the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires. Marrar Woorn Neighbourhood House will be rolling out the Ready2Go (R2G) program in 2019/20. You are invited to a morning tea to learn about the program, give feedback as to how it may best address our community’s needs and let others know about it. Date: Tuesday 19th March 2019 Time: 10-11.30am Location: Apollo Bay RSL What is Ready2Go? Ready2Go is a community-led disaster resilience program, supporting people who are unable to safeguard themselves against the effects of extreme weather, including heat and other emergencies. The program carefully matches vulnerable people with registered and trained volunteer community members who can provide information, support, visitation checks and early relocation prior to extreme weather events. More information about Ready2Go available at http://mwnh.org/ready2go-apollo-bay/. Please RSVP by 18th March to: Marrar Woorn Coordinator Phone: 03 5237 8590 Email: coordinator@mwnh.org